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I have been building/playing with LEGO for the majority of my existence, recently my upload pace has slowed due to my mechanical engineering degree-in-progress. I still love building new sets or modifying old ones when I have time. My most recent building style uses mostly a technic-system mix, with some Bionicle parts, which is used to design my slowly growing mech army. Occasionally I work with Bionicle designs but I don't own many newer constraction parts so the designs usually follow older styles.

XboxLive tag: DeadCajun71

being In college i'd like to say I don't have the time to go and thank each person for every fave but really i'm just lazy and most ppl don't seem to care (or would rather you not) so here is a BIG THANK YOU!!! to any one who has or ever will favorite or comment on any of my deviations!

but seriously i'm just lazy...


AMAP-670 by Deadpool7100
the AMAP-670 (Armored Mobile Adaptive platform) was designed by SC-77 after the high feed back from the Annihilator's multiple movement modes, the AMAP-tank was built for high speeds in tank mode, while the legs could fold out to provide extra stability or lift the tank over any and all obstacles.

it is powered by a miniature nulear fusion core that provides the enormous energy requirements to fire the main electromagnetic rail cannon as well as the the transistor motors and servos
the four legged tread base was also used in SC-77's Artillery concept #4 although that tread base was smaller
the main cannon is custom built, using parts from the Lunar Rail (useing electromagnetics to transport cargo to and from the moon) this is the largest rail gun ever built and it's firepower limitations are unknown
the right rocket mount is an auto-loading-high-range rocket pod, capable of firing up to three MK78 rockets, these are capable of acquiring targets from a great distance and have a very high yield cone-burst blast for maximum damage against heavily armored targets.
the left gun mount is an auto targeting energy gun/missile combo designed to quickly eliminate smaller threats approaching the AMAP-tank. the main guns are MK15 plasma cannons, and the missile pods are standard MK49-Seekers designed to eliminate multiple enemies simultaneously.
you can see the pilot here…

NOTES: the main design has not changed from the previous post, I have generally decided not to worry about continually modifying designs I have already posted but I felt this one need a few improvements 
main changes went into the two mounts on either side as the main turret, the new rocket pod used some ideas from SuperHardcoreDave (mostly just the use of the round flats in the joint parts as rockets) 
also tried to improve the main cannon integration to the body
added some side platting (which can be raised via hinge to access the gear to turn the turret)
and a few minor visual armor fillers
I finally got time to work on the MTT tank, which I am going to rename since I quickly realized it shares the name with the MTT from star wars (dumb me)

I refit the main cannon, moving the pistons higher (practical purpose is to stiffen the hinge)
This helps integrate the cannon into the turret body

Next I designed a new rocket mount using some ideas from SuperHardcoreDave's missile pods
Then created a plasma turret for the other mount, incorporating the old missile pods into the mount
Worked on some general visual improvements adding filler and smoother plating as well as adding some plating to the side joints

I want to use Photoshop to touch up some smudges on the background and left my laptop at the dorm so I wont get around to posting it till later next week 
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BML logo by Deadpool7100
BML logo
This is my entry to the BML's logo competition bioniclemocersleague.deviantar…

The picture seems a bit busy or unreadable when displayed large but looks like it should be easy to read as an icon

So a little info on this here, I designed this array of parts (obviously) in the pattern of the BML letters. Also it is arranged in quadrants starting at the top right I set parts from different periods of bionicle's years. these are arranged top-to-bottom, left-to-right.

1: throwbots
2: mata/nuva
3: metru
4: hordika
5: inika/mahri
6: phantoka/mistika
7: glatorian
8: bionicle 2015

Wish me luck!!
Tank proto top by Deadpool7100
Tank proto top
Working on the tank over my break, I'm pretty happy with the rocket pod on the right side but not sure about the turret on the left so it may get redesigned

I redesigned the cannon mount so that it (hopefully) looks more integrated into the tank. Mostly just moving the piston set higher so that it is a noticeable part

Again feedback is always helpful!

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