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I have been building/playing with LEGO for the majority of my existence, recently my upload pace has slowed due to my mechanical engineering degree-in-progress. I still love building new sets or modifying old ones when I have time. My most recent building style uses mostly a technic-system mix, with some Bionicle parts, which is used to design my slowly growing mech army. Occasionally I work with Bionicle designs but I don't own many newer constraction parts so the designs usually follow older styles.

XboxLive tag: DeadCajun71

being In college i'd like to say I don't have the time to go and thank each person for every fave but really i'm just lazy and most ppl don't seem to care (or would rather you not) so here is a BIG THANK YOU!!! to any one who has or ever will favorite or comment on any of my deviations!

but seriously i'm just lazy...


Vanguard by Deadpool7100
the vanguard mech is the newest vehicle from the LDM series. after the design of the Landslide as a faster lighter artillery vehicle, the vanguard was deigned to be faster and lighter, with the addition of rear thrusters and turbines to provide jump capabilities.
the Vangaurd is fitted with a MK8 light Chaingun which is smaller than the MK3 on the devastator but still effective on smaller targets
the missile battery uses a type 4 seeker drone with a regenerative reloading mechanism and high yield fusion explosive
both arms have twin 100mm artillery cannons which provides long range fire capacity
as well as small energy pulse canons mounted to either end

similar to the landslide the premise of this mech was to use an abundance of orange parts that were building up.
unlike the landslide I did have a few deign ideas before beginning construction, basing most of the design on the robots from Robocop (the new one) as well as planning on using the turbines on the back.
so yep, as the title would suggest I've made a flickr profile.
I got fairly established on there, posting new and old stuff to get my photo stream filled up a bit. still new enough to want to spell it "flicker" though! =P
 heres my link…
if anyone wants to check it out!
just fyi I will continue to update here but in a different format,
on flickr I will post all shots individually (because of the way the photostream works it looks nicer)
and here I will slap the shots into a quick collage and post that 

descriptions will be in both places so you shouldn't miss anything either way
but I may be checking updates here less often  
if you have a flickr account msg me so I can find you on there!

in other news a started and pretty much finished a new mech!
I'm just running through a few finishing touches but I plan to post it within a few weeks before I start back in college
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NR-71 v4.1 by Deadpool7100
NR-71 v4.1
 NR-71 is a advanced robotic soldier in the year 2345 he has the ability to use nano-bots equipped with experimental energy-to-matter-conversion technology. These are used to rebuild his body so that he can use them to form anything from a pistol and katana to a jet-pack and a rocket launcher. This gives him the ability to sneak through security and not actually have a gun until he needs it and it’s too late for anyone to stop him.
    The original design was solely based on the ability to go through gun scans undetected, the gun was to simply form on his hip in holster and was drawn and held. the faction he is with needed to get more info on the organics and the bot behind them RH-28 (also top general in military) so stealth was the main platform. As the the mission changed NR-71 and SC-77 began to expand on the abilities of the system allowing NR-71 to become a one man army of death and destruction. They changed the weapons to form as a part of his arm reducing the amount of material needed to be produced thus reducing the time need to equip the weapon.
     Advance sighting mechanics allowed him to fire accurately from the hip and while dueling weapons, although when extreme precision was required NR-71 found he preferred a direct interface with the sights or scope (manually aim with his optics) of the weapon, they compensated for this by forming the stock and reducing his right arm to a minimal structure when need be. later enhancements allowed Ammo to be manufactured in the magazine of the weapon negating the need to reload.
    Another main tool developed for NR-71 was the nano spike which allowed him to convert any vehicle into any desired custom preset. The spike would send nano bots through the vehicle to back into the power source and then convert it into the preset customized by NR-71. This made it possible to hijack any vehicle and turn into a tank of war

not much changed, really just wanted to get some better photography
did update the cyber bike to fit the new torso better!
also created spikes for the shoulder plates and decided on a different head to match those
wanted to make some new guns but none of the ones I came up with panned out

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