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United States
I have been building/playing with LEGO for the majority of my existence, recently my upload pace has slowed due to my mechanical engineering degree-in-progress. I still love building new sets or modifying old ones when I have time. My most recent building style uses mostly system parts mixed with technic here and there, which is used to design my slowly growing mech army. Occasionally I work with Bionicle designs but I don't own many newer constraction parts so the designs usually follow older styles or a majorly technic approach.

Want more photos in higher res? Head to my Flickr at:…
Or search for "DeadGlitch71"

Want to see my design process or work in progress shots? Head to my Instagram here:… or simply search for "DeadGlitch71"

XboxLive tag: DeadGlitch71

being In college i'd like to say I don't have the time to go and thank each person for every fave but really i'm just lazy and most ppl don't seem to care (or would rather you not) so here is a BIG THANK YOU!!! to any one who has or ever will favorite or comment on any of my deviations!

but seriously i'm just lazy...


I've updated the photo of the AT-MAW to include the LEGO Ideas icon in the corner
hopefully this will help make it apparent that it could be supported without requiring the viewer to read the description (the horror!)
if you haven't already please go support it!
I hit 108 votes today so it's in for the long haul now!!!! :D

AT-MAW by Deadpool7100

so far this has been WAY more successful than the Starhawk which is to be expected =P
I plan to take it with me to Brickfiesta in Dallas this June/July if anyone is planning on going or even just interested please let me know!!! 

also if anyone would like to repost the at-maw somewhere please do!
the link is in the description and it's going to need as much exposure as it can get!
on that note if you can think of somewhere that you think I should post it that would help please tell me! 
This model is on LEGO Ideas! Check it out!!!

The All Terrain - ​Mobile Artillery Walker (AT-MAW) was a heavy artillery unit in the All Terrain walker family. It serves in a support role as a mobile artillery siege craft, easily destroying fortifications at range. The AT-MAW uses the same design as the head of the AT-ST to reduce production costs, this design offers little armor but increases speed by minimizing weight. The base features a four legged design. The front feet are heavily plated and designed to provide stability when firing the main gun, which is a mass-driver cannon fixed to the chin mount, while the rear claw feet are adept at climbing over high terrain or obstacles. The AT-MAW is also fitted with a Anti-Air blaster flak cannon on the roof and the same cheek mounted twin light blaster cannon as the AT-ST, however the opposite cheek mount is equipped with an advanced radar unit to improve sighting at extreme range.

Design Notes:

This model is based on a drawing by Shane Molina… I have obtained his permission to use the deign as well as posting it here.

Once I had seen Shane's drawing I knew I just had to make it out of LEGO! I started by buying the official LEGO AT-ST model, intending to build the head and then start on the legs. However after I had built the model I realized the head's shape was all wrong and so I ended up redesigning the whole thing! I've added the sloped front, flat top and longer flanges on the sides. I did manage to retain all of LEGO's play designs, including: the opening top and top hatch, the spring shooter missiles, and even added a place to store the gun and binoculars. Designing the legs went fairly smoothly, although the main torso joints gave me a lot of trouble before I ended up going with functionality over design with the big ratchet joints.

I would love to answer any questions and to get some feedback on the design!!!!
If you are interested in the design process be sure to check out my Instagram feed or grab the LDD file and instructions below!!!…

LDD File:!AkXj4OlJXfWkvtszUW…

Blueprint Instructions:!AkXj4OlJXfWkvux-jF…

Sorry that wasn't before, never understood why its disabled by default

if you are interested in joining please do!

I have most of the folders created so you should be able to submit away! let me know if there are any problems and I will try to get to them as soon as possible!

admin help will be welcome though I will probably want to get everything setup first
Yeah I forgot nobody reads anything unless you put it in all caps


That should be better
GAV-85W Broadsword
The Broadsword was a project I started awhile back when I was first designing the Lancer, I was trying to build a jetpack for it and found some arms form some old Alpha team sets that made a pretty cool thruster pack! However I didn’t feel that the yellow color quite went with the lancer's theme so I set it aside for a later project. After deciding that I did not have any mechs that could accommodate this design I decided to build a new one for the jetpack, one that would be more humanoid (like the lancer) and maybe have a sword. It got pushed to the back of a long line of projects for awhile and when I finally decided to work on it I decided to add a bit of "gundam" styling to the design as well as building the cockpit similar to BT's from titianfall 2,. then I discovered I really didn’t have very many yellow "plating" parts and so I decided to start working in LEGO Digital Designer. Incidentally I ended up designing so much in LDD, I started posting screen shots and eventually renders as WIP pics. This seemed pretty popular on Instagram (you can go see them at so I kept going until I had built the entire mech in LDD (which is unusual for me). After that I constructed the skeleton to test joint functionality/weighting, made a few improvements to the model and then had to order a bunch of parts to get it plated and finished. The whole experience was interesting, I'm getting used to LDD enough to be comfortable to work in it but its hard to check against my current inventory when designing and I end up using a lot of parts I don’t actually own (I had to make 4 bricklink orders for the Broadsword) but then again it does let me use parts I don’t have so it's a back and forth thing.
I borrowed some design ideas for the sword from I hope he doesn't mind

More photos on my Flickr here:…

I'm not going to make the usual Bio for this mech because I really don’t feel that this one will "fit in" with the rest of mecha, even in a prototype/concept sense like I did with the artillery piece
I did measure it and it would stand at 48ft high, scaled to the minifig (which I made form some exo-force sets to go with the gundam theme)



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not pushing for anything but i figured there's no reason not to have it

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